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Discover a World Beyond Academics at Shohwatul Is’ad

Unleash Potential, Pursue Passions, and Play with Purpose

At Shohwatul Is’ad, we craft champions in and out of the classroom. Our robust extracurricular program is designed to ignite passions, hone skills, and foster holistic development. Dive into a variety of activities that challenge your limits, nurture your talents, and enrich your school experience.

Saddle Up for Adventure – Horse Riding

Embrace the timeless tradition of horse riding, where discipline meets grace. Our equestrian program isn’t just about riding; it’s about building character, trust, and a bond with these noble creatures.

Aim High – Archery

Draw your bow and focus on the target. Archery is not just an art; it’s a meditative practice that sharpens your concentration and steadies your hand. It’s where patience and precision culminate in the perfect shot.

On Par with Excellence – Mini Golf

Navigate through our creatively designed mini-golf course that promises fun and challenges your strategic thinking. It’s a place where every swing teaches finesse and every hole is a lesson in problem-solving.

Bounce into Action – Basketball

Hit the courts and feel the adrenaline as you dribble, pass, and shoot. Basketball at Shohwatul Is’ad is more than a game—it’s about teamwork, agility, and the thrill of the chase.

Dive into Success – Swimming

Make a splash and swim towards excellence in our state-of-the-art pools. Swimming is the ultimate exercise, building not just strength and stamina, but also instilling a sense of calm and control.

Goal-Oriented – Football

Join the most popular sport in the world right here at Shohwatul Is’ad. Football teaches more than scoring goals; it’s about strategy, collaboration, and the spirit of competition.

Serve and Smash – Badminton

Experience the fast-paced excitement of badminton. It’s a test of reflexes, speed, and agility, encouraging you to push your boundaries with every shuttlecock hit.

Set and Spike – Volleyball

Team up and take part in the energetic game of volleyball. This sport is an exercise in coordination and teamwork, where every set, spike, and save counts.

Build Your Strength – Gym

Our well-equipped gym is the cornerstone for those who seek strength, endurance, and personal records. It’s not just about building muscles; it’s about cultivating discipline and resilience.

Ready to Play?

Shohwatul Is’ad’s extracurriculars are not just about sports; they’re about building leaders, fostering friendships, and creating memories that last a lifetime. Here, every game is an opportunity to learn, every activity is a chance to grow, and every student is a player in the grand game of life.

Join us and find your passion, play your heart out, and prepare to be your best self—both on the field and off.


1. Math
2. Physics
3. Biology
4. Chemistry
5. Graphic Design
6. Cinematography
7. Arabic Language

1. Soccer
2. Basketball
3. Futsal
4. Swimming
5. Archery
6. Horse riding
7. Badminton
8. Table Tennis
9. Martial Arts
10. Cooking & Food Management

1. Scout
2. PMR

1. Kasidah
2. Dance
3. Drama

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