Agama Islam—
Kewirausahaan dan Teknologi

Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness

At Shohwatul Is’ad, we seed the entrepreneurial spirit early, blending education with real-world practice in our vibrant Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness program. Here, students don’t just study business—they create it, in harmony with the earth and community.

Innovative Ventures Sprouting from Classroom Concepts

Our program is where the zest of orange peels transforms into delectable treats, where the vibrant rosella flowers bloom into delightful syrups, and where everyday soy finds new life as a sauce bursting with Indonesian flair. These are not just products; they are the fruits of our students’ creativity and hard work.

Nourishing Partnerships with Local Farmers

Collaboration is at the core of our ethos. By partnering with local farmers in the Pangkep district and surrounding areas, we bridge learning with livelihood, ensuring that every venture underpins sustainability and social responsibility.

From Citrus to Noodles: A Taste of Innovation

Our culinary adventures don’t stop at traditional products. Imagine noodles infused with the essence of oranges—a twist of innovation that represents the boldness and inventiveness of our students. Each creation is a step towards a future where business meets benevolence.

The Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Building: A Foundation for the Future

Our dedicated building is the beating heart of enterprise, equipped with facilities to research, develop, and refine agri-products. It’s a space where theory meets practice, and classrooms converge with commerce.

Join the Vanguard of Sustainable Enterprise

Are you ready to be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs and agri-innovators? At Shohwatul Is’ad, your ideas have the space to sprout, grow, and flourish into ventures that can change the world. Embrace the entrepreneurial journey with us and watch your vision take root.

Welcome to the forefront of innovation. Welcome to Shohwatul Is’ad.


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